Welcome to the law office of Jason H. Clark, Esquire. I provide information to, and represent employers in unemployment compensation matters. Because all state unemployment laws arise from a mandate of the federal Social Security Act, there is a large degree of uniformity across the United States in application of the law. I handle cases nationwide.

Practice in Unemployment Compensation

I have been handling unemployment cases since 1994 and have since represented parties in over 5,000 unemployment cases. Whatever the issue in your case may be, I have likely resolved the same problem several times over.

Legal Advice and Representation

I am available for legal advice and representation at the claims, appeals hearing, final administrative review and appellate court levels. It is advantageous to retain counsel prior to going to an unemployment hearing or for a written appeal, or even answering questions on the initial claim for benefits.

Some of the ways I assist companies in reducing unemployment costs include instruction in:

  1. Proper hiring procedures.
  2. Reduction of turnover through proper communication.
  3. Defensive documentation and employee discipline.
  4. Attention to detail upon an employee’s separation.
  5. Preparation for dealings with state unemployment officials.
  6. Representing your company at an unemployment hearing or post-hearing appeal.
  7. An understanding of unemployment taxation principles


You may contact me with any questions at Office@Unemployment.net or call 213-785-6605.

Jason H. Clark, Esquire

Contact Questionnaire

Copy and paste this questionnaire into an email and send to Office@Unemployment.net.

  1. Which state was the claimant/employee performing work in?
  2. Has the employee been separated from their job yet? If so, what was the last procedure you/your company went through with your state’s unemployment authorities?
  3. What was the last written communication you received from the unemployment office?
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